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Create Hotmail Account: Email are widely used today by millions of people for sending and receiving messages. It is a good platform to stay connected with friends and family members as well as for professional use. Hotmail is a free Microsoft email service, Hotmail Login enables you to get access through each and every web based services including Bing, One Drive, XboxLive, and more. It is available for all platform devices in company with Android devices, iOS devices as well as for MAC and PC.

If you are wondering how to create Hotmail Account and Hotmail Login, then here is a solution for you. As in this post, I will introduce you to with the process and method to create the account of this free email service provided on the web. Creating Hotmail account and login is very simple, where you can create the unique account of this free email service from Microsoft with just a few minutes.

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Hotmail login- Step By Step Login Procedure:

Check out the below-shown steps and method to create Hotmail account and Hotmail login easily within few minutes.

  1. To create Hotmail account you will first need to visit its official page else you can click on the www.Hotmail.com. There in this page will observe an option for sign in or sign up. If you already had Hotmail username and password then you can click on the option of sign in following the required details. But if your account is not yet created do click on the sign-up button for further process.
  2. Now you will be asked to create an ”account page”. You will need to fill up each and every detail in an appropriate way, that had been asked to do so.
  3. The first free space is for your first and last name. So fill it up properly and go for the next space.
  4. In this box, you will be asked to key on your Hotmail username. So use any of the user’s name which you like to.
  5. In the next box, you will require optioning for @Hotmail.com option, if you like your username to be read as @Hotmail.com.
  6. After you had entered the user’s name, next you will find an option for the password. You need to create a password with at least 8 characters or more. Do remember to include lowercase as well as uppercase alphabets and numeric number to make your password even more strong.
  7. Next space is for your phone number and alternate email address. So enter them for the safety and security of your Hotmail account.
  8. Besides all these, you will also be asked to select a security question, and you must answer it with a maximum character of 5 or more.
  9. In the next level, you will have to enter your country or region, including your date of birth, year and months as well as your sex.
  10. As you had filled them up, now will be asked to apply the code of captcha which is provided at the end of this sign-up page.It is to check that you are human or robot.
  11. after you had gone through it, complete the sign-up process by clicking on the create account option.
  12.   Now you can log in to your Hotmail account by visiting the Hotmail page and entering your username and password.

 Hotmail Sign in Features:

Hotmail offers its users lots of services to go through after creating an account. Hotmail usually upgrades its provided features on regular basis. The advantage of using this free Microsoft email service is mentioned below.

  1. It allows you to stay in connect with your family, friends as well with your official staff.
  2. You don’t need to pay to message through this free application.
  3. You will get access to each and every web based services including Bing, One Drive, XboxLive, and more using Hotmail.
  4. Hotmail can be used free for all platform devices, including Android devices, iOS devices as well as for MAC and PC.
  5. It can be used for your professional task.

Solutions for Hotmail Login Problem:

Create Hotmail Account

Signing up and getting access to Hotmail is ver simple and easy, but although sometimes it is seen that the users faced some kind of problem signing up and using it provided free services. Below is the solution to get rid of some of the common problems of Hotmail sign in.

Incorrect Email-Address or Password : 

Incorrect email address or password is indeed the most common problems that we faced, for unable to get access to Hotmail account. So you must be pretty sure that you had entered a correct email address and password, with their particular spelling and number, also do turn off the caps lock.

Forgotten Password : 

In case if you had forgotten your password or you are unable to memorize it, then you should reset your password. You can reset your password following the below steps.

  1. Go to the reset page of the password select the cause for unable sign in that you are facing off,  and click on next.
  2.  Apply all the things which are required for resetting your account, by following the provided resetting process.
  3.  If you remember your password and still cannot access to Hotmail, in this case, you can use the single-use code provided by Hotmail app to open your Hotmail Account.

Blocked Profile : 

If you are unable to get access to your Hotmail account and receive a message your Hotmail profile is temporarily blocked. In this situation, you will need to follow the instruction for removing the block by click on the ”learn more about the account temporarily suspended option”.  Contact Microsoft Support

Contact Microsoft Support :

If all these methods seem unhelpful for you, then get the advice from Microsoft support team by contacting them. As getting advice from the helping team is the best way to get rid of such kind of problem.


This post is all about creating Hotmail account and Hotmail login, including an advantage of using it and solution for unable to get access to it. I hope so you really enjoy reading this post, knowing about this free email service from Microsoft. If you find this post helpful and meaningful for you, don’t forget to comment and share your feedback with us below